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Bringing CANbus Data to the Small Form Factor Display

Size matters, not every application calls for a 7″ Display. Why cover up your beautiful OEM cluster?

Discreet integration of a display to fit your application while still showing you critical engine data is the aim, and CANchecked have knocked it out of the park with their line of CAN Displays and CAN Mini Dashes.

PT Motorsport is very proud to be premier importer and distributor of the CANchecked range of Products in Australia.

CANchecked is an innovative company, based out of Germany, who design and manufacture a range of flexible and versatile Displays and CANbus products.

Their signature product is the MFD15, a round 52mm form factor display which displays information available from the CANbus or ODB2 and it’s 4x Analog inputs

Haltech CANgauge

Haltech Dash Display CANgauge
CANchecked displays.
Plug and Play with Haltech

PT Motorsport and CANchecked have collaborated extensively to ensure the products compatibility with Australian and popular Australian Imported Vehicles. We’ve also developed a true plug and play experience with Haltech ECUs, if you specify you have a Haltech at Checkout, you will receive your device with a connector to suit directly plugging into the Haltech CANbus with no configuration on the display required. Guaranteed.

The 4x AVIs that wire into the display, will also be available for the Haltech ECU to use as it emulates a Haltech CAN Expander.

MFD15 – 52mm CANgauge


  • 52mm Round form factor
  • Full Colour Display
  • Bright and Easily Readable OLED display
  • Fully Programmable CANbus settings 
  • OBDII integration
  • Plug and Play for a wide range of ECUs
  • FOUR analog inputs for additional sensors,
  • Sensor data broadcast back on the CANbus for use by other devices (ECU, PDU, other displays)
  • User definable warning thresholds per sensor
  • Integrated Ultra Bright RBG LED – fully configurable for warnings or shift light.
  • Shop Now – MFD15 52mm CAN Gauge

MFD28 – 2.8″ CANdisplay

  • 2.8” TFT TouchScreen
  • Machined Aluminum Bezel
  • Fully Programmable CANbus settings 
  • OBDII integration
  • 4x AVI, 1x DPO, 1x PWMo, 2x SPI 
  • User definable warning thresholds per sensor
  • 10 Customizable Screen Pages.
  • CANbus Switches Output,
  • CAN Bus Data Logging to SD Card or over USB.
  • Optional Haldex Controller
  • Shop Now – MFD28

MFD32 & MDF32S – CAN Mini Dash

  • S Model has built in programmable shift lights (Pictured)
  • 3.2” TFT Touchscreen
  • Fully Programmable CANbus settings with Logging
  • 4x AVI, 2x SPI, 1x PMWo 1x DPO
  • CANbus Switches Output.
  • Optional Haldex Controller
  • 10 Customisable Screen Pages
  • Shop Now – MFD32

CAN Expansion – More inputs!

Some times, we just need more inputs. More Sensors, more switches, more data!

CANchecked have solved this problem with their CFE18 and MCE18 CAN expanders.

Compatible with many major ECU Vendors including:

– MaxxECU
– Ecumaster (EMUB and PMU)
– LinkECU
– Haltech
– Emtron

CFE18 – Very Small PCB (27x29mm) for creative mounting opportunities.
MCE18 – Small form factor, CAN input expander

Vehicle Specific Displays – Seamless integration

CANchecked also offer a range of vehicle specific displays, they are designed to fit in seamlessly with the OEM instrument cluster or dashboard.

These displays are made to order and will take 3-4 weeks for delivery.

See the list and gallery of vehicle specific applications here.


PT Motorsport will happily support any CANchecked product sold in Australia, whether you need a hand with installation, or configuration, we will help you make your CANchecked install be as successful as it can be.

Telephone, email, chat and PC Remote control support are all available for customers and dealers.

Dealer Enquiry

PT Motorsport are looking to include more dealers and more installers around the nation, if you want to offer this innovative product to your customers, please enquire today!