Motorsport Wiring

Intermittent engine problems plaguing your motorsport success?
Embarrassing rats nest of cheap wiring stuffed under your dash that you dread working on?
Old OEM harness not looking so good next to all your shiny new billet parts?
Doing an engine swap?
Need to upgrade ECUs and there isn’t a plug and play harness available for a vehicle?

We can help.

PT Motorsport offers a unique motorsport wiring solution that helps our customers complete their wiring requirements on time and on budget. Australia wide.

Custom Yamaha R1 wiring harness to suit Motec M130
Raychem DR25 Sheathing, SCL Boots, Heat Shrink Labels, and using only genuine connectors
Custom Wiring Harness for a
Haltech Nexus R5

We exclusively use only the best materials, MilSpec wire, Raychem DR25 Heat Shrink Sheathing and Deutsch connectors.

We will work closely with you to design the best possible wiring solution to suit your application and fit your budget.

Future proofing the harness for additional upgrades and maintenance is at the forefront of our mind when designing your harness.

All harnesses are supplied with full documentation, both digital and printed booklet.
All connections are labeled with your choice of either heat shrink label or laser engraving.

If you’re after a new:

  • EFI System harness
  • Body Harness
  • Coil Pack Harness
  • Complete re-wire.
  • Engine wiring

    PT Motorsport can construct a wiring harness for your project.

    We work with all the major ECU manufactures and have successfully constructed wiring harnesses for:
  • ECU Master
  • Emtron
  • Motec
  • Haltech
  • Link
  • MSD
  • ICE Ignition
  • Speeduino
  • and many many more!

Getting that new wiring harness to get the most out of your new ECU and built engine might not be as far from reach as you think!

We do most of our work remotely! The majority of our wiring harness customers, we’ve never seen the vehicle in person. COVID lockdowns forced our hand to get innovative; so we made a process where we can design and manufacture custom wiring harnesses for our customers interstate and overseas so they could still continue their projects while living with travel restrictions. This remote wiring harness process has been refined over the last two years and we’re now able to confidently promise; PT Motorsport can make a successful solution for your project.

Enquire today to book a free consultation on your project!

Haltech 2500 Elite Bulkhead harness with Flying Lead engine kit.
Haltech Nexus R5 concentrically twisted harness
before sheathing

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High performance Braid sheathing with Laser engraved Deutsch connectors to suit ECU Master EMU Black
Bulk Head connector harness to suit Haltech Elite 2500