ECU Master – EMU Classic – Stand Alone ECU. 22 Outputs – 16 Inputs – Wide Band controller built in!

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NEW compact design with hard water resistant case!

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With the ever developing growth of automotive technology, the modern ECU now performs many more duties than just running the engine. ECUMaster is a well established European manufacturer the field of aftermarket ecu’s and proudly placing themselves at the cutting edge when it comes to keeping up with modern cars. The latest range of full stand alone Engine Management Units (EMU) have a vast range of features and functions highlighting it as one of the most versatile and comprehensive ECU’s on the world market! This depth of features and functions is well packaged with a very user friendly and well designed software client.

At the heart lies the latest generation 32bit-32MIPS Processor Placing it amongs some of the best know ECUs on the market. The most highly advanced and complicated computing operations are performed with speed and ease through true VE based fueling and many advanced PID control strategies. The software is all windows based with clear descriptive menus, help files and selection tables for every function. Incorporating a clever logging based auto-tuning feature there are no specialized skills or advanced training needed to setup, tune and use this ECU.


6 X Injector drivers (up to 12 injectors)
6 x High current Ignition drivers (drives up to 12 passive coils)
8 x Dedicated analog sensor inputs, CLT, IAT, TPS, O2, 2-Knock, 2-EGT
4 x Digital sensor inputs, Crank trigger, cam1, cam2, VSS, Flex fuel
10 x User Aux Outputs (plus any unused INJ/IGN outputs)
4 x User Analog inputs (expandable to 8)
1 x Wide band LSU sensor internal onboard controller


  • Direct connection and stable reliable reading of all digital sensor types: hall optical and reluctor sensors signals or any other frequency based input signal.
  • Most common oem trigger settings available as pre selection.
  • User friendly setup functions for ANY other trigger configuration including all missing tooth style crank position signals and multi tooth cam sync signals
  • Eight dedicated analog sensor configurations: 2 x knock sensors, LSU4.2 wide band o2, TPS, 2 x knock coolant temperature, inlet air temperature with large range of predefined calibrations for known sensors and also simple calibration wizard for easy setting up of any oem sensor.
  • Eight predefined configurations for additional sensors with calibration tables and signal filters including, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel level, AC pressure, AC evap temp and transmission gear selection.
  • Built in 4 bar MAP sensor (35psi boost) external MAP sensor option also supported
  • Built in wideband controller with advanced PID feedback control for both pump and heater functions ensuring high accuracy and long sensor life. External widband input also supported, plus the option to use the heater control function for narrow band sensors.


There are a total of 17 direct inputs, expandable to 20 with MUX and momentary (push button) switch setup or up to 24 inputs with the addition of CAN-bus expansion box.

  • Four digital inputs: Crank angle, Cam1 angle, Cam2 angle, vehicle speed, Flex fuel blend etc.
  • Four dedicated analog sensor inputs
  • Four additional aux analog inputs 0-5V all with full units, ratio, offset and range calibration tables.
  • Two dedicated EGT thermo-couple inputs. Six additional inputs available via CAN (total 8)
  • Two dedicated Knock sensor inputs.
  • MUX switch function to enable up to 3 switching operations to be implemented from one analog input
  • Momentary function to allow further 2 switching operations to be implemented via simple push button
  • Four additional analog inputs available via Can-Bus


There are a total of 22 outputs. Most are largely interchangeable, unused Injector and stepper outputs can be universally used for any general purpose auxiliary output function.

  • 6 coil drivers, each with built in heavy duty Igniter capable of directly driving up to 2 coil packs each, total 12 coils. Full dwell time correction tables for voltage and rpm.
  • Active coils and CDI ignitions fully supported for both single and multi-coil applications
  • 6 Injector drivers capable of driving at least 2 hi impedance injectors each, total 12+ injectors. latency dead time and voltage correction calibration settings and tables. Selections of predefined injectors also.
  • 4 Stepper motor outputs, universally definable for any stepper control, switching or PWM or auxiliary function
  • 6 High current auxiliary outputs, universally definable for any switching or PWM function.
  • Dedicated software selectable features for specific output functions including: Fuel pump relay, Main Relay, Coolant fan relay, Tachometer, Shift light, Speedometer gauge, AC clutch, user PWM, Frequency driven temp gauge, 2 & 3 wire Idle control valve, 4 & 6 wire stepper Idle control, 2 & 3 wire VVT solenoid valves, Boost control valve, Nitrous solenoid, E-throttle DBW control.
  • 4 independent parametric controllers with up to 3 definable parameters. These can be used for reading a combination of internal or external signals or engine parameters and then used for a multitude of either internal or external switching functions (for example OEM style A/C control that only allows the compressor to engage when the system pressure, RPM and evaporator temperature are within the defined limits)


  • Duel 3D ignition tables 16×20 cells, manual or automatic table switching including graduated table blending eg. Flex/race fuel etc.
  • Full ignition control for up to 12 cylinders waste spark and 6cyl sequential.
  • Individual event trims. Separate trim tables for coolant temp and inlet air temp. 3D trim table for TPS vs MAP
  • Active Idle control by ignition timing.
  • Active ignition timing control via knock sensor with individual cylinder sampling.


  • Duel 3D fuel tables 16×20 cells, manual or automatic table switching including graduated table blending eg. Flex/race fuel etc.
  • Basic or advanced fueling strategy selection incorporating true VE based fueling with duel target lambda table lookup. (Full Air/fuel ratio adjustments can be made directly from target AFR/ Lambda tables)
  • Barometric pressure, Inlet air temperature and delta fuel pressure correction tables. Six individual trims and injector phase settings
  • Active EGT closed loop correction
  • Full internal wideband controller for logging, Autotune and closed loop operation
  • External wideband or narrowband Air Fuel meter fully supported
  • Staged injection with separate secondary injector latency and dead time tables. Full 3d table to control staging split and integration.
  • Additional 3d correction tables for TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM and MAP vs RPM
  • Duel AFR/ Lambda target tables 16×20 cells, manual or automatic table switching including graduated table blending.
  • Over run fuel cut function with parameters for RPM, TPS and also manifold pressure
  • Advanced high speed Autotune function, allows entire VE table adjustments made instantly from logging data, very fast and effective for road or track tuning.


  • Full OEM quality idle control is achievable with a very comprehensive range of tables and parameters.
  • Selections available from basic open loop DC/stepper position vs engine temperature up to full closed loop target RPM and PID control strategy.


  • Internal knock sensor controller allows for active ignition and fuel trims.
  • Parameters allow for individual cylinder sampling windows combined with frequency, integrator gain and engine noise filter settings to accurately isolate and identify any true knock sign
  • Instant or progressive timing retard and fuel enrichment, or simple warning light options available when any engine knock is detected.


  • Dedicated Boost control functions with a range of options from basic open loop to target based DC correction through to full closed loop PID control.
  • Full duel 3d target and DC reference tables with graduated blending for flex/race fuel etc.
  • Parameters allow for up to 6 boost settings through transmission gear scale or external switching.


  • Drive by wire or E-throttle is fully supported with a large selection of predefined OEM throttles available. (External ECU Master high current controller required)
  • Full high speed PID control strategy with selections of 2D and 3D tables for friction and PID parameters to provide instant and accurate throttle plate control
  • External control via CAN bus also supported


  • Control is achieved by setting engine acceleration rates for each gear. Internal gear calculation is automatically performed from rpm and vehicle speed input.
  • External adjustment input available
  • TC active output signal available (eg active indicator light)
  • Full 3D torque reduction table


  • Full internal support for duel VVT and Vtec Control
  • High speed PID cam position control
  • User friendly 3d cam position target tables with direct entry for degrees of advance or retard
  • Duel Tables for each cam (total 4) with full internal or external table switching or blending capability.


  • Shift light
  • Launch control using vehicle speed, no proximity sensor switches required
  • Flat shift and gear cut
  • Anti Lag, separate staging and rolling anti lag settings. Duel 3D tables for ignition, fuel and spark cut settings, with full internal and external table switch or blending capabilities.
  • Pit limiter
  • 2nd engine. Two engines can be linked via CAN serial connection and RPM synchronization achieved through torque reduction strategies


  • Dedicated nitrous control function
  • Full 3D fuel scale and ignition modification tables
  • Load, RPM, Vehicle speed, Engine temperature, TPS and Transmission gear dependant activation parameters available.


  • Supports all oem type ethanol sensors with 2D calibration table
  • Separate 2D blending tables for VE, Ignition, Boost, AFR/Lambda, Cranking fuel, After start enrichment and Warm up enrichment
  • Fuel temperature correction table


  • Password protection for software tampering
  • Oil pressure engine cut, 2D graduated table
  • Delta fuel pressure cut
  • Over rpm fuel cut
  • Over boost fuel cut
  • EGT alarm
  • Over temperature rev limit
  • Under temperature rev limit
  • Stuck throttle fuel cut
  • Sensor fail default settings for MAP, Inlet air and coolant temperature.
  • PID debug, for calibrating and analyzing any of the 8 internal features that incorporate PID control functions


  • Onboard help files for every function and setup table
  • Built in three channel Oscilloscope for live capture of all crank and cam trigger signals, used for setting up sequencing and timing calibrations for both crank and cam positions
  • Four Parametric control functions with up to 3 parameter limits or definitions used for switching and activation operations, including cycling and timer functions.
  • Two virtual parametric control functions with duel parameters for operating and controlling internal ecu operations, includes cycling and timer functions
  • General purpose PWM table with 3D table 16×20 cells, includes correction table for coolant temperature
  • Honda frequency coolant temperature output
  • General purpose coolant frequency output with full 2D calibration
  • Three internal timers with virtual switching and 2D tables for applying graduated fuel ignition or boost corrections
  • Virtual dyno function which uses logging data to compare engine acceleration against time to create an estimated power curve taking vehicle weight and aerodynamic drag. Useful for back to back road testing of various tuning settings such as cam timing for example.
  • Check engine light output for monitoring up to 11 sensor operations or failures including Knock detection EGT alarm or fuel pressure failure, also reporting selected sensor failures
  • Logging via external 2 gigabyte serial logging dongle or via laptop for over 100 parameters, set points for min and max values and alarm function.
  • Instant VE Map individual cell tuning via hot key
  • Comprehensive VE map instant autotune, enables instant tuning of entire VE table from logged data. Very fast and user friendly function for road tuning.


  • Connection for Blue-tooth dongle transmitter for using Andrioid devices for wireless 6 page Live dash and data logger for up to 33 parameters
  • Connection for EDL-1 SD card serial datalogger
  • Connection for serial CAN analog input expander box (adds 4 additional aux analog inputs and enables CAN-Bus connectivity)
  • Connection for external DBW controller
  • Compatibility with most aftermarket and racing dashboards and data loggers with CAN-Bus speed up to 1Mbps
  • Constantly increasing OEM CAN-BUS dashboards direct compatibility, currently supporting:
    – BMW e46
    – BMW e46 M3
    – BMW Z4
    – Citroen C4
    – Volkswagen
    – Ford Fiesta Mk7
    – Ford JS
    – Lotus
    – Maxda RX8
    – Polaris RZR
    – Mini Cooper R53
    – Peugot 206 RC
  • Aftermarket dash and data logger compatibility and direct communication protocols for: – Aim Dash
    – Race Technology Dash
    – Motec M800
    – Haltech e8-e11v2
    – Pectel EQ6


Much work and research has been done with the software package so it can be easily setup to match any tuners preferences or layout.

  • All quick function hot keys are fully definable.
  • The layout is simple to use windows based with a 12 page desktop. Each page can be named and filled with the relevant function settings and graph windows so that everything can be easily accessed by simply flicking through the desktops. No searching through the functions tree every time you need to re visit a setting.
  • Comprehensive list of over 50 gauges are available for almost every internal Ecu value.
  • All tables, graphs and gauges are displayed as an individual window that can be simply dragged or scaled.
  • Regular updates available as free download.
  • Internal ECU Firmware is incorporated in the user software. Firmware upgrade is performed directly from the software be via “Firmware Update” selection.
  • External pc logging of over 100 parameters. All channels are automatically recorded regardless of the current graph display. Any of the parameters can be later opened and displayed. This is very useful feature for trouble shooting and remote analysis, simply email any saved log to your tuner or ECU Master agent and he will be able to view any parameters he needs to help with support.


  • ECUMaster EMU device
  • USB cable
  • ECU Connectors
  • Terminals
  • Laminated pinout chard

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