About Us

About PT Motorsport

Who we are:

PT – Peter and T-Man – two friends with a deep passion for all things motorsport. Starting in 2007 with their Nissan vs Subaru rivalry and maturing over the years into a wealth of knowledge and skills – spawned from a desire of better performance with from cost effective, DIY methods.

PT Motorsport officially started in 2016 – when more team members came on board to put together a public facing look for the business.

Our vision:

We love motorsport, especially grass roots racing – there’s that special feeling you can only achieve from racing. The start of a new build, first start of a new engine, passing scrutineering at your first event, that first track day (or the first time at a new track), finishing your first race, setting personal bests and ultimately making it to the podium.

Our goal is to get you there – with unique, reliable and cost effective parts.