About Us

About PT Motorsport

Who we are:

At PT Motorsport, our journey began in 2007 when two passionate motorsport enthusiasts, Peter and T-Man, crossed paths. What followed was not just a friendship, but a shared pursuit of knowledge and skills, fueled by a drive for enhanced performance through smart and efficient methods.

As time went on, our collaboration evolved into a rich repository of expertise. This journey led us to officially establish PT Motorsport in 2016, bringing onboard more skilled individuals who shared our vision of creating a business centered on quality and innovation.

Our specialisation lies in motorsport wiring, where every connection is a testament to precision and reliability. We excel in engineering solutions that matter, using top-tier materials that guarantee peak performance. We prioritise uncompromising quality because we recognize the significance of every moment on the track.

Our approach blends passion with technical mastery. Our creations aren’t mere circuits; they are the backbone of power and performance, seamlessly integrated for optimal results.

As we continue to write our story lap by lap, we invite you to explore the world of motorsport wiring at its finest. Whether you’re a competitive racer striving for victory or a dedicated motorsport enthusiast in search of top-notch precision, PT Motorsport is your partner in driving excellence.

Join us in celebrating the synergy of wiring, technology and innovation. Welcome to PT Motorsport.

Our vision:

We love motorsport, especially grass roots racing – there’s that special feeling you can only achieve from racing. The start of a new build, first start of a new engine, passing scrutineering at your first event, that first track day (or the first time at a new track), finishing your first race, setting personal bests and ultimately making it to the podium.

Our goal is to get you there – with unique, reliable and cost effective solutions.