Here you can find all the articles and blog posts we write about our projects.

  • Engine Protections
    A lot of OEM vehicle engine management systems lack proper forms of engine protection, with nothing more than a “low oil pressure” light. Usually in cases where the light comes on, it’s too late for the engine. While engine protection isn’t as exciting as big turbos and bulk power, it is a crucial part of … Read more
  • Understanding G-Codes and M-Codes in 3D Printing with Klipper Firmware
    When venturing into the world of 3D printing, a fundamental aspect of controlling your printer is familiarity with G-codes and M-codes. G-codes (geometric codes) and M-codes (miscellaneous codes) are sets of instructions that command the movements, actions, and operations of your 3D printer. In the context of Klipper firmware, mastering these codes becomes particularly valuable … Read more
  • Autosport and Deutsch Connector Heatshrink Boot Size Charts
    Deutsch Autosport connectors are the standard for connectors in the autosport industry with the AS series connectors being used by race winning teams. In order to correctly boot these connectors, the proper boot must be used. Below is a chart of Autosport connectors and their corresponding boots, both straight and 90 degree. Shell Size Straight … Read more
  • How to Convert Sensor Calibration Tables
    When adding sensors, or configuring an ECU you will often need to input calibration data so that the ECU knows which input values represent what data. Often calibration tables will be available in ohms like this example from a Bosch Motorsport coolant temperature sensor For some ECUs this is fine as you can select between … Read more
  • What is a pullup resistor and which one do I need?
    You may have seen references in articles to pullup resistors, or seen their use in wiring documentation. A pullup resistor diagram will generally look like this: But what is a pullup resistor, and why do we even need one? A pullup resistor is a regular resistor which we use to provide a known resistance. Why … Read more
  • How to remove password from ECU
    So you’ve forgotten your Password on your ECU. We’ve all been there… This article isn’t about why your ECU has a password on it, nor is it an invitation to discuss why or who might have put the password on it. We are open to discussions about how to better secure passwords on ECUs and … Read more
  • Time Attack Tas 2022 – Using Technology to get a new PB!
    Time Attack Tas (TaT) is an event we very much look forward to every year, competing in every event since its inception. This year was another great event organised by the Hobart Sporting Car Club at Baskerville. We’re very grateful for their continued dedication to the sport and this event. Peter competed in his R33 … Read more
  • Custom billet parts for “LEGIT” R34 Skyline
    Dry Sump, Single Turbo, VR38 swapped R34 Skyline We’ve been so fortunate to be invited into a rather special build and offer our part design, prototype and manufacturing services to aid in the completion of “LEGIT” R34 Skyline.  Above is the Crank angle sensor mount for the VR38VETT. As the engine has a dry sump … Read more
  • LinkECU with Haltech IC7 – Getting the warning lights working
    We’re working on a customers car today, installing a Haltech IC7 to work with a Link G4X XtremeX, at first glance it’s not a particularly challenging installation, but as usual; we found a challenge for ourselves that introduced a twist. Upon setting up the IC7, we set it up in Link G4 Mode and set … Read more
  • CANbus Hacking – Part 1 – Getting on the CANbus
    In this article we will discuss CANbus Hacking, or CAN Hacking. Specifically, the first step into CAN hacking, to actually get on the CANbus; to plug into the network and start to see the data. You probably already have your reason as to ‘why’ you want to get on the CANbus and hopefully this article … Read more