Deutsch DTP Connector Kit – 2 Pin Kit


  • 2 Pin Deutsch DTP Kit
  • 25A per pin

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Kit containing all components required for terminating and assembling a 2 Pin Deutsch DTP connector Plug and Receptacle Pair

For those seeking unparalleled power and endurance, the DTP series stands as the epitome of motorsport excellence. Engineered to handle high-current applications, DTP connectors deliver superior electrical conductivity, minimizing power loss and maximizing performance. These connectors are designed to endure the extreme heat generated by high-performance vehicles, ensuring consistent and significant power delivery under the most demanding conditions. (Up to 25A per pin!) If you’re looking to unleash the full potential of your motorsport machine, DTP connectors are the ultimate choice for unrivaled power and endurance.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Connector Body (Plug)
  • 1 Connector Body (Receptacle)
  • 1 Wedgelock (Plug)
  • 1 Wedgelock (Receptacle)
  • 2 Terminals (Socket)
  • 2 Terminals (Pin)

DET12 crimp tool required for crimping connector pins

Part Number Name Cad File
DT06P-2S 2 Way DTP Connector Body (Plug) DTP06-2S.3d_stp
 DT04P-2P 2 Way DTP Connector Body (Receptacle) DTP04-2P.3d_stp
WP-2S Locking Wedge (Plug) WP-2S.3d_stp
WP-2P Locking Wedge (Receptacle) WP-2P.3d_stp


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