Push Mount Cable Ties


  • Push Mount
  • Ideal for routing wiring harnesses
  • Black nylon construction
  • Hard wearing
  • Suitable for blind holes
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Push mount cable ties are perfect for ensuring that your wiring is mounted exactly where you need it. Unlike traditional cable ties, push mounted cable ties only require access from one side to mount. No need to struggle with threading cables through small holes or awkwardly maneuvering around obstacles. Simply push the tie’s head through the hole, and you’re ready to secure and bundle cables or harnesses with ease.

Can be used with existing holes in your vehicle, or you can drill new ones to run your loom exactly where you need it.

Part Name 2.5x100mm 4.7x180mm
Strap Length 100mm 180mm
Strap Width 2.5mm 4.74mm
Max Bundle Dia. 22mm 50mm
Tensile Strength 8kg 22kg
Hole Dia. 4.8mm 5.9mm

Additional information


4.7x180mm tie 5.9mm hole, 2.5x100mm tie 4.8mm hole


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