Sargent 1028CT – Open Barrel Terminal General Purpose Crimp Tool


  • Crimps a wide variety of open barrel contacts, including D-sub-miniature in small size wire ranges.
  • Crimps conductor and seal portion of contacts in separate cavities.
  • Tool must be closed twice to complete termination.
  • Insulation “B” Type crimps are produced in two cavities: A 18-14 AWG and B 24-20 AWG.
  • “B” type conductor crimps are produce in three cavities: C 16-14 AWG, D 20-18 AWG and E 24-22 AWG.
  • Classic design for reliable use
  • Made in USA

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This high quality, made in USA, precision tool is the crimper you need for crimping open barrel terminals in your project.

Parallel jaw action ensures even and perfect crimp every time.

You’ll find a pair of these in every technicians toolbox at PT Motorsport.

Suits a wide variety of wire sizes from 24AWG to 14AWG.

These crimpers are for use with non-Sealed Terminals

Positions C, D and E are for crimping the wire into the terminal.
Positions A and B are for crimping the wire sheathing onto the terminal.


ITEM # 1028 CT
ITEM APPLICATION Variety of open barrel contacts, including Weatherpack, D-sub in small size wire ranges
CABLE/CRIMP TYPE “B” type conductor crimps, “B” type insulation crimps
CRIMP WIRE SIZES 24-14 AWG (0.25mm2 to 2.5mm2)
PRODUCT WEIGHT 280g (10 oz)

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