AMP Super Seal Connector


Genuine TE Connectivity – AMP Super Seal Connectors

For use with many popular standalone ECUs

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PT Motorsport AU is proud to be able to offer genuine TE Connectivity AMP Super Seal connectors. In a world so full of cheap imitations, and with brands you trust selling cheaper copies, it’s hard to know who is offering the real deal.

We are proud to work with TE Connectivity to provide you with the highest quality genuine connectors for your project.

ECU Connectors

The AMP Superseal 1.0 connector is a popular choice in the automotive aftermarket and OEM alike, with the following manufactures all using AMP Superseal connectors with their devices.

  • ECU Master (PRO series ECU)
  • Emtron
  • Motec
  • Haltech
  • Link
  • Yamaha
  • And many more!

Choosing the right connector

When choosing the connector to your project, carefully inspect the connector cavities for your project and determine the following.

  • Pin Count
    • AMP Super seal connectors come in 26 and 34 pin configurations
  • Keying
    • Inspect around the perimeter of the connector house and determine the keying configuration for your connector.
    • Some connectors will have 3 slots to interface into their receptacle, others will have 4.



• Accepts contact size 1.0 mm
• 1.25-0.50 mm2
• 26, 34, and 60 cavity arrangements
• PCB mount
• Rectangular, thermoplastic housing
• Integrated latch for mating
• TPA confirms contact alignment and retention

Additional connector terminals are available here

AMP Superseal Connector Drawing

AMP Superseal Connector CAD Model (STEP)

Key Top Key Bottom TE Part No. ECU Master
Part Number
Part Number
Part Number
Part Number
Part Number
34 Way Connector 2 1 4-1437290-0 Connector C Connector C 65044 Connector A TKA (101-0096)
34 Way Connector 2 2 4-1437290-1 Connector A Connector B 65067 Connector C TKB (101-0097)
26 Way Connector 2 1 3-1437290-7 Connector D (Pro 16 only) Connector D Connector B TKC (101-0119)
26 Way Connector 2 2 3-1437290-8 Connector A 65045 TKD (101-0120)
26 Way Connector 3 2 1473416-1 Connector B 65068 Connector D

Additional information


4-1437290-0, 4-1437290-1, 3-1437290-7, 3-1437290-8, 1473416-1


ECU Master Pro, Emtron, Motec, Haltech, Link, Yamaha


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