Blink Marine RacePad Steering Wheel Control Panel


These are available to order in, with a wait time of around 7-10 days

  • 4 rotary knobs
  • 8 buttons
  • Customisable inserts
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With 4 rotary knobs and 8 easy-to-reach buttons, RacePad is the ultimate CAN-bus steering wheel button panel designed by Blink Marine. The perfect companion for your racing steering wheel!


Racepad is available in two different standard versions, depending on the type of rotary knob:

RACEPAD MODEL P: This version features a solid plastic knob for the four encoders. It offers a durable and reliable design, perfect for those who prefer a solid feel and precise control during their races.

RACEPAD MODEL R: This version comes equipped with rubber knobs, allowing for the application of our standard icon inserts. The rubber knobs offer enhanced grip and tactile feedback, providing a comfortable and customizable experience.

Individualized icon inserts

Just like the PKP series keypads, Racepad also offers the possibility to customize the icons of each button using replaceable inserts. Thousands of icons are already available in our catalog, and you can request new ones tailored specifically for you!

LED color selection

Unleash your creativity with the multi-color LED backlighting, customizing the illumination of your keypad to create a comfortable driving environment. You can also personalize the key indicators and central bar LEDs to make your racing experience more intuitive and efficient on the track.

Custom mounting system

Do you need a custom mounting system for your steering wheel? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We specialize in creating tailor-made mounting solutions. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and let us craft the perfect custom mounting system just for you.

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