MicroPDM Primary High-Side Power Distribution Module


The simple, lightweight, configurable, expandable Power Distribution Module (PDM) designed for motorsport. This primary module serves as the central brain of a MicroPDM system. Connect this module to your car’s circuits to enable keypad and CAN bus control of your car’s functions.

This module has 7 high-side 2.5 amps outputs.

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Micro PDM high-side modules

High-side MicroPDMs provide up to 2.5A of continuous current for each output.  High-side outputs must be connected to the positive (+) side of the load. That means you can run many motorsport devices directly off the PDM module like dashes, cameras, rain lights, coolsuit pumps, etc. For larger loads, just use a relay and drive the relay coil with the PDM output.

Check out our low-side modules if you want to add PDM capabilities to your ground-switched devices.

Detailed Specifications

Mounting 2 micro 280 relay footprint
Housing Plastic
Weight 40 gr
Connector 2.8 mm tab
Temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
Environmental protection IP 67 in combination with fuse box
Total outputs 7 digital outputs
CAN interface CAN interface 2.0 A/B
Standby current 23 mA
Over-current protection 1 A + load
Overvoltage protection ≥ 33 V
Undervoltage cut-off ≤ 6 V
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Output load rating (high-side)     2.5 A permanent per output with current monitoring on CAN bus

How do I get started?

  • Primary microPDM module

    1) Choose a primary MicroPDM module.

    This is the programmable brain of the system. You have a choice of either high-side or low-side. The majority of customers choose a high-side module. You can always expand the system later with an add-on module.

  • 2) Mount the module

    Simply insert the module into our pre-wired Rapid Enclosures, or do it yourself with an ISO 280 box from suppliers like Bussmann, MTA, GEP, TE, Littelfuse, etc. Some even skip the enclosure altogether for space and weight constrained formula and prototype cars.

  • 3) Get a Keypad

    You’ll need a keypad for full functionality. Choose the size that fits your usage from 4-12 buttons. We can supply a keypad, or you can source one yourself. Just check our User Guide and make sure it’s supported and configured properly.

  • 4) Connect and configure

    You need to connect 4 wires to your PDM and keypad. Our rapid enclosures and keypad cables make this easy. Once connected, configure the MicroPDM and connect your circuits like fan relays, cool suit pumps, headlight switches, etc.

Okay, I understand the basics. Now what?

  • Primary microPDM module

    Automate with CAN

    Want to control your PDM from other systems or have the PDM control other systems over CAN? Make sure the MicroPDM, keypad is on the same CAN bus as those other devices. If you know CAN, you already know how to do this.

  • Expand your system

    Need to add more outputs? Just wire in an add-on module yourself. Our Rapid Enclosures are designed to daisy chain together for easy expansion down the road. Or, upgrade to solid-state relays for a fully solid-state power management system.

  • Add external control

    Want to control your MicroPDM with a steering wheel? The MicroPDM supports the Autosport Labs AnalogX and the ECU Master Switch Board v3 CAN boards natively, so you can control your PDM with external switches located anywhere in the car, even on your custom carbon fiber steering wheel.

  • Win races

    The MicroPDM has powered winners in everything from budget endurance races, to club racing championships, to professional sports cars and prototypes.


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