Deutsch DTHD and HD30 Extraction/Removal Tools


Removal tool for DTHD and HD30 connectors

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Each extraction tool is designed to extract individual Deutsch pin and socket contacts from rear-release connectors (DTHD,  HD30).


Tool Diagram


Using the Tool

1. From the rear of the connector, align the tool tip with the contact cavity of the contact to be removed. Place the wire of the contact over the tool wire entry slot and apply light pressure on the wire until it enters the wire entry slot.

2. Slide the tool along the wire and into the contact cavity until the tool tip engages the contact and
resistance is felt.

3. Gently pull the tool with the wire until the contact is removed.

Do not twist or insert the extraction tool at an angle; otherwise, damage to the cavity retention finger(s) will result.

Listing is for each tool, part numbers are as follows:

0411-240-2005 Removal Tool Size 20 (Red)
0411-291-1405 Removal Tool Size 16 (Light Blue)
0411-310-1605 Removal Tool Size 12 (Orange)


Additional information

Tool Size

Size 20 (Red), Size 16 (Blue), Size 12 (Orange)


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