ECU Master EMU PRO-8


  • A professional motorsport level stand-alone engine management system with a comprehensive feature set and vast tuning possibilities.
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The EMU PRO is a stand-alone engine management system aimed directly at professional motorsport with a comprehensive feature set and vast tuning possibilities. Built on a whole new platform from previous ECUs it offers precise powertrain control coupled with the ultimate flexibility to adapt the engine calibrations for the most demanding projects. The EMU PRO 8 is designed for smaller (up to 8 cylinders) engines.

All ECUs are supplied with a set of connectors and terminals

Advanced fueling model including closed-loop short- and long-term trim algorithms combined with fuel film model gives exceptional accuracy of injectors control.

Software is designed to give the user unprecedented flexibility for configuration of strategies. All tables have both size and Bins values fully user adjustable on both X and Y axis for easy manipulation increased accuracy between non linear transitions.

Flexible system with custom functions, numbers, CAN inputs and CAN exports, well known from Power Management Unit (PMU) and Advanced Display Unit (ADU).



Temperature range AECQ100 GRADE1 (-40 to +125˚C)
Enclosure IP 65, bespoke CNC machined aluminium
Size (mm) 165×94.5×38.1
Connectors 2 x 34 Position AMP Superseal 1.0 connectors

1 x 26 Position AMP Superseal 1.0 connector



Injectors 8x peak and hold (8A)
Ignition Outputs 8x active or passive coils (15A)
Auxiliary Outputs 12x low-side (5A)
H-Bridges 3x full H-bridge
+5V 2x 500mA (two independent)


Analog Inputs 16 inputs, 12 bit resolution with software selectable pullups/pushdowns

4 inputs, 16 bit resolution (high precision) with software selectable pullups/pushdowns (EGT inputs)

Digital Inputs 8x inputs for VR or HALL sensors (software selectable)


Direct Injection Up to 8 injectors.

Requires external module

VVT Controllers 4x
Lambda Controllers 2x LSU 4.9
DBW Controllers 2x
Knock Sensors 2 inputs


CAN-bus 2 x CAN2.0 A/B
LIN-bus 1x


Realtime PC Data-logging Yes
External Data-logging To USB flash drive
Data-logging Frequency Up to 500 Hz




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