Syltech – Combined Pressure and Temp Sensor


Syltech Fluid PX-T Combo Sensor

Syltech Combo Pressure Temp Sensor

Highest quality and best compatibility sensor on the market.

  • 1/8npt
  • -40c to 140c
  • 0 – 10bar (0-145PSI)
  • +- 1% FS

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The Syltech combined pressure and temperature sensor is the answer to all of your fluid monitoring requirements for your motorsport applications.

Beautifully machined from 304L Stainless Steel, a compliment to any engine bay.

This sensor will monitor fluid pressure and temperatures in the one convenient 1\8 NPT sensor mount.

Uses a high quality 4 Pin Deutsch Connector for it’s connector to the wiring harness, ensuring a reliable connection after many mating cycles.

Connector and pins are included. You will need a DTM crimping tool (DT-20 Size)

Suitable for use with:

  • Coolant
  • Water
  • Oil (Engine, Gearbox, Diff, PS)
  • Fuel (Diesel, Petrol, Ethanol)

Operating Voltage: 5v dc
Output 0.5 – 4.5v

Linear Pressure Calibration:
0.5v = 0 bar / 0 psi
4.5v = 10 bar / 145 psi

Temperature Pressure Calibration:
Link to Data Sheet

Sensor Pin out:
1. Pressure Output
2. Temprature Output
3. Sensor Ground
4. Sensor Supply 5v



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