Laser Engraved Deutsch connector


  • Laser engraved Deutsch connector
  • Connectors supplied as a “kit”
  • One line
  • 6 Character Limit
  • If you need 2 line, logo or longer engraving, please contact us!
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Genuine Deutsch Connector, custom engraved to your design.

Add an element of professionalism and prestige to your Deutsch connector installation with a custom laser engraved connector body.

Deutsch connectors are supplied in a kit with both mating connector bodies, pins, sockets and wedges.

Get the best possible result with a professional crimping tool!

Type Pin Size Current Limit MM^2 AWG
DTM 20 7.5A 0.50-1.5 16-20
DT 16 13A 0.50-2.50 14-20
DTP 12 25A 2.00-6.00 10-14

Additional information

Connector Kit:

DT2, DT3, DT4, DT6, DT8, DT12, DTM2, DTM3, DTM4, DTM6, DTM8, DTM12, DTP2, DTP4


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