CANbus IO Expander – Mini


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Emulates behavior of Haltech IO 12 box.

  • 4x 0v – 5v Analog inputs
  • 4x Digital Inputs (on – off state only)
  • 4x Digital pulsed outputs
  • Change from IO Box A or B by jumping pin A5 to ground or not.
There are limitations with this mini board:
– 200mA limit for the outputs.
– No frequency drive for the outputs. State or PWM only. (490hz or 980hz)
– 0v-5v on the AVI only, no input protection, no 12v input to AVI or DPI pins
-DPIs are state only (on or off), No Frequency measurements. Pull to ground.


Will come with an Arduino Nano with the code loaded on and tested.

Code for this project is on our gitHub –



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