CANChecked Thermocouple Amplifier


Type K converter
0 – 1250°C
0-5V signal

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The TCC01 is a so-called “Thermocouple Amplifier” – a device that amplifies and converts the signal of a Type-K sensor – our simply Thermocouple Converter.
With our TCC01 you can easily connect your exhaust gas temperature sensor:

Plug the Type-K probe into the converter on one side and use the DTM connector on the other side for the 5V power supply, ground and the signal for your control unit or data display.

Features of the TCC01

  • reliable thermocouple amplifier
  • Cold junction compensated Type-K input
  • DTM06-3S connector
  • Standard mini thermocouple connector
  • Retaining strap for attachment with M6 screw or cable tie
  • Linear temperature curve from 0-1000°


  • TCC01 in the housing
  • DTM connector with locking tabs
  • 3 pins to crimp yourself
  • 3 pre-crimped connection cables
TCC01 thermocouple amplifier type k converter

Support for a wide range of devices

Any device that has an analog input for 0-5V signals can be used as a receiver – e.g.:

  • AEM
  • Ecumaster
  • Emtron
  • DTAfast
  • Holding technology
  • LinkECU
  • KMS van Kronenburg
  • MaxxECU
  • MBE
  • Mega squirt
  • Motec
  • Syvecs
  • VEMS

But the Type K converter can not only be used for exhaust gas temperatures. Also for liquids (1mm thermocouples) and gases (0.5mm thermocouples).

Technical data

  • Only 180uA power consumption
  • Very fine resolution with 4mV per °C
  • Calibration: 0V = 0°C (32°F) and 5V = 1000° (1832°F)
  • Accuracy: maximum 2% deviation
  • Internal cold junction compensation
  • For measuring gases, liquids and other media
  • Support for various Type K elements (also 0.5, 1, 3 and 5mm diameter)
TCC01 thermocouple amplifier type k converter


Installing the Thermocouple Converter TCC01 (Thermocouple Amplifier) ​​is easy. It should be placed in a dry and not too hot place, for example behind the firewall.
You can use the integrated tab for attachment. The special design makes it possible to attach additional TCC01s parallel to each other. For maximum fixation, you can attach the included tab to the TCC01 module with superglue.

Our displays are preconfigured for connecting the TCC01. To do this, connect the signal to AIN2.

Several TCC01 modules

Sometimes, you need two or more modules, for example with TwinScroll manifolds. Here you can simply plug the modules into each other:

TCC01 thermocouple amplifier type k converter

Of course, if you use several Type-K probes, you can also use our TCCXX and write the measured values ​​directly to the Can Bus. These are available as TCC04, TCC06, TCC08 and TCC10.


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