Deutsch 47 Pin Bulk Head Connector Kit


Deutsch HD30 47 Way Bulkhead Kit – Metal Housings

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Need a bulk head connector for your project?

Look no further than the Deutsch HD30 Series Connector.

At PT motorsport we almost exclusively use this 47 way connector combination for a secure, weather proof connection from the firewall to the engine.

Makes removal and installation of Engines a much simpler task when you only have one connector to remove for the engine wiring harness.

As all connections are routed through the one harness, you can focus your; routing, heat shielding and strain relief strategies into the one place, to ensure you have the most reliable connection possible for your project.

The Connectors are all metal construction.

Size 20 pins are capable of 7.5amps each
Size 16 pins are capable of 13amps each

This Kit includes:

1 HD36-24-47PE (Plug)
1 HD34-24-47SE (Socket)
42 #20 Pins
42 #20 Sockets
5 #16 Pins
5 #16 Sockets
2 Plastisol Boot
HD 30 Washer Size 24
HD30 Nut Size 24
Deutsch Removal Tool #20 RED Normal, ET-Seals
Deutsch Removal Tool #16 BLU ET-Seals

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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