Deutsch DTM Connector Kits


A complete kit with a variety of Deutsch DTM Connectors

4x 2 Pin Connectors
4x 3 Pin Connectors
4x 4 Pin Connectors
2x 6 Pin Connector
2x 8 Pin Connector
2x 12 Pin Connector

50x Pins
50x Sockets
20x Sealing Blanks

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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This Deutsch DTM Connector Kit contains an assortment of DTM Series connectors in a segmented hard case. Each kit contains all of the pieces necessary to make a connection in a convenient parts box. Each kit has a listing of all the parts on the inside cover of the lid so identification and re-ordering is made easy.

Use a PT-DET20 crimping tool with this kit

Kit Contents:

Receptacles and Wedgelocks

  • 4 x DTM04-2P
  • 4 X DTM04-3P
  • 4 X DTM04-4P
  • 2 X DTM04-6P
  • 2 X DTM04-08PA
  • 2 X DTM04-12PA

Plugs and wedgelocks

  • 4 X DTM06-2S
  • 4 X DTM06-3S
  • 4 X DTM06-4S
  • 2 X DTM06-6S
  • 2 X DTM06-08SA
  • 2 X DTM06-12SA

Contacts and Sealing Plugs

  • 20 X 0413-204-2005 Sealing Blank
  • 50 X 0460-202-20141 Solid Pin
  • 50 X 0462-201-20141 Solid Socket


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