PT Motorsport DTM12 Bussed Receptacle


DTM form factor

Delivered to function as 2 6 pin Busses

Jumpable to function as a single 12 pin Bus

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The PT Motorsport  DTM12 Bussed Receptacle fills the gap below the Deutsch DT04-12PA-P030 DT sized bussed receptacle. The DTM form factor had no equivalent part until now.

The DTM12 Bussed Receptacle comes with a twin Bus setup, but by using a jumper (included)can be converted to a single Bus.

Twin Bus (as delivered)

Pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are one bus.

Pins 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are another separate bus.

Single Bus (add Jumper)

All pins (1-12) are a single bus.


The two “modes” can be seen below.


TPU Endcap

To help prevent water ingress while retaining serviceability, the PT DTM12 Bussable Receptacle comes with a TPU Endcap. Simply slide the cap on and off to access the jumper bridge.

The cap is designed to allow for the use of Deutsch mounting tabs Part Numbers:

  • 1011-026-0205
  • 1027-003-1200

Technical Details

Housing Part Number: DTM04-12PA
Series: DTM Series
Connector Style: Receptacle
Cavities: 12
Contact Size: 20
Current Rating (through contacts): 7.5A
Current Rating (through bridge): 3A
Holds Pin/Socket: Pin
Modification: (2) 6 Pin Busses, with a jumpable bridge to change to a single 12 Pin Bus



  • PT Motorsport Bussed DTM04-12PA Connector Housing
  • TPU Endcap
  • Header Jumper
  • (Optional) DTM12 Plug half kit

Additional information

Add DTM12 plug half kit

Just the DTM12 Bussed Receptacle, Add DTM12 plug half kit


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