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Time Attack Tas 2022 – Using Technology to get a new PB!

Time Attack Tas (TaT) is an event we very much look forward to every year, competing in every event since its inception.

This year was another great event organised by the Hobart Sporting Car Club at Baskerville. We’re very grateful for their continued dedication to the sport and this event.

Peter competed in his R33 Skyline GTST and took 2nd place in Club Class. Peter negotiated his usual struggle for traction and drove his way to a new PB of 59.1 seconds. 

Peter often drives with a heavy foot which is the cause of the majority of his traction issues. We were able to assist slightly in the part throttle area of driving by changing the mapping of the drive by wire throttle.

Another reason we love drive by wire.

You can see here in the NSP software, the vertical axis is the actual percentage of throttle opening vs the horizontal axis which is the accelerator pedal position. The dashed line represents a linear relationship, which is close to where we started, and the solid line is where we finished for the day, giving the driver much more part throttle “resolution”. This significantly improved part throttle drivability and made it easier to get out of corners cleanly, contributing to the new PB.

NSP makes this very easy to map with the spline handles you can use to drag the curve around. This feature isn’t unique to Haltech though, with most ECU manufactures offering this feature too.

Our beloved EVO piloting tuner, Ash, was also competing and was able to secure 3rd place with a 59.6 lap time, unfortunately unable to drive his vehicle home though, that story for another time…

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